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We would like to welcome new brothers Bryan Banh, and Dillan Barber!


Welcome to the official homepage of the Alpha Grand Chapter of the Pi Kappa Chi Chiropractic Fraternity.  The goal of this web page is to provide information about the fraternity, and improve communications between the alumni and the active chapter.  This site will also provide everyone with up to date information on activities, and issues that face the active chapter.  

Alumni please visit your page and enter your information so we can be sure to have an accurate database.  This will also assure you of receiving all mailings and news regarding the fraternity.

Alumni feel free to contact us anytime! Anytime your in town stop by and see for yourself the changes that the house is going through.  Better yet give us a heads up when your intown and we can get the brothers together for a little chat on whatever you would like.  Several brothers are hungry to learn about anything the alumni have to teach us.


Alpha Grand Chapter
723 Main Street
Davenport, IA 52803
(563) 322-6476