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Pi Kappa Chi
A Professional Chiropractic Fraternity 
Who and What We Are
Founded in 1961, by Dr. David D. Palmer along with a handful of focused young men, PI KAPPA CHI is a professional fraternity within the chiropractic community.  The Fraternity was established with many goals in mind, Our most important objective being: TO ELEVATE, PROMOTE, AND STRENGTHEN THE REPUTATION OF THE DOCTOR OF CHIROPRACTIC AND THE CHIROPRACTIC PROFESSION ITSELF IN THE EYES OF THE WORLD.  Our organization is progressive in approaching the Science, Art, and Philosophy of chiropractic which allows us to understand the full potential of our profession rather than just one segment.  This fraternity emphasizes Quality, Academics, and Involvement in issues concerning  the chiropractic community.  We also enjoy the social aspect of the fraternity which make it a true brotherhood.
Brothers Of Pi Kappa Chi
Since the Alpha Chapter's Charter Class, at Palmer College in 1961, our alumni brothers have represented us throughout all of North America and several other continents.  PI KAPPA CHI has additional representation by students and alumni of two other chiropractic colleges.  Many alumni brothers are leaders in the chiropractic profession. 
Dr. Michael Pedigo--Past President of ICA and ACA
Dr. John Howat-------World Renowned SOT Practitioner
Dr. Keith Innes-------Dean of Faculty -Motion Palpation Inst.
Dr. Fred Schofield---President of Schofield Chiropractic Training Sem.
Dr. Robert Rendena- U.S Olympic Track and Field Team D.C
Dr. Gerry Provance--U.S Olympic Track and Field Team D.C
Pi Kappa Chi Fraternity House
Located just south of Palmer's West Hall on the way to Lyceum hall, at 723 Main St., the pi house is a home where we learn, discuss, and socialize--Chiropractic being the topic of choice.  Our house is equipped with two Hi-low adjusting tables, a Zenith Full-spine Drop Piece table, Gonstead Pelvic Bench, a Cervical Chair, a Knee Chest Table, and two view boxes for radiographic analysis.  This equipment is put to use on our weekly motion palpation nights, and various technique nights(taught by various alumni and palmer faculty).  The house also has an area furnished for our regular social gatherings and other social events hosted by the fraternity.  In addition the house offers affordable living quarters.
Fraternity Involvement
Our fraternity hosts and participates in various activities throughout the year.   We are involved in intramural sports ath the college, taking trips to chiropractic seminars and alumni doctor's offices.  We host various holiday gatherings open to the Palmer Student body, and each Homecoming we host a week of events with our returning Alumni Brothers.
Our Brotherhood Welcomes You!
We are continually seeking focused individuals willing to assist us in the furthering of Chiropractic and the strengthening of our cause.  There is a brief pledge period offered at the beginning of each trimester structured around the academic schedule at Palmer.  If you are interested in PI KAPPA CHI or have any further questions, Please call 563-322-6476, or e-mail us at pi.kappa.chi@gmail.com.  Or you can just attend our rush party when announced.  We look forward to meeting you!
Chiropractically Yours
Brothers of PI KAPPA CHI